Golf Courses

Ontario’s ban on the use of Class 9 pesticides provides an exception for golf courses, if certain conditions are met.

Golf courses are defined as the areas used or intended to be used as playing surfaces including tees, fairways, greens and rough. Class 9 pesticides can not be used on non-playing areas associated with a golf course such as lawns, driveways, paths, patios, trees, shrubs, ornamental plantings and gardens.

Mini-golf and mini-putt courses are not considered golf courses.

New requirements to present an annual report

Starting in 2012, new rules for holding a public meeting to present the annual report will take effect in Ontario. The owner or operator of a golf course must present the 2011 annual report on Class 9 pesticide use before December 1, 2012.

New requirements to provide notice of a public meeting

The golf course owner or operator must publish a notice in a newspaper, no more than 15 days before the date of the public meeting when the annual report will be presented. The newspaper must have a general circulation in the area where the golf course is located.

*If more than 50 persons must be notified in order to meet this requirement, the owner or representative of the golf course may submit a written request to the Director under the Pesticides Act for consideration of other means of notice.

Annual report requirements

The owner or operator of a golf course is required to prepare an annual report summarizing all Class 9 pesticides used on the golf course. The report must be completed before June 30, 2011 and annually thereafter.

Golf facilities with more than one course must prepare an annual report for each golf course. For example, if Super Golf Club has three courses (Northwind, EastGale, and Westwind) then an annual report is required for each individual golf course. In most cases, Super Golf Club would require clients to book tee-off times for a game of golf for one of the three specific courses. Each course may or may not have separate entrances and club houses.

Owners or operators must comply with the annual reporting requirements under section 19 of O. Reg. 63/09, and with the IPM Council of Canada’s Integrated Pest Management Accreditation Program requirements.

The IPM Council of Canada Annual Report – Class 9 Pest Control Product Usage form has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment under subsection 19(3) of O. Reg. 63/09 and is available from the IPM Council of Canada.