League BOrganizer: Melvin Potter (613) 584-3729

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Entry Fee: $48 per Team

Team Schedule Captain Player Player Player Player Player

Team A

Mike Schlievert Jamie Rabishaw Francis Mattie Ken Philipose Ann Schlievert Ed Plaice

Team B

Francis Boucher Wally Zagrodny Sid Davis Brian Wolfe Lucille Levinski  

Team C

Brad Payne Pam Yakabuski Jeremy Stewart Malcolm James Brian Colby Denice Colby  

Team D

Don Tennant Wayne Ladouceur Doug Barnard Elinor Tait Dianne Young Ken Tait

Team E

Don Morrison Sue Morrison Tom Chapman Paul Unrau David Keech Maureen Bindner

Team F

James Forster Nora Zinck Donna Alessio Jim Walsh Joyce Aiston Edward Aiston

Team G

Melvin Potter Orio Alessio Ken Deugau Geoff Kidson Ray Walker Betty Potter

Team H

Kathleen Taylor Ron Taylor Allan Taylor Beverlee Barrie Sandy Roussele Barb Lewis




Match Format:

Tee Times:

Each week, the team captain or designate is responsible for posting tee times on the signup sheet, which is attached to the League A bulletin board.

Scoring System:

Match points

Bonus points

Short-handed Team:




Position Percentage
1st ~40%
2nd ~30%
3rd ~15%
4th ~15%



Tee Rotation:

As indicated on the schedule, play will rotate through the white, yellow, red and blue tees.

Continuous Putting:

Continuous putting is mandatory.

Establishment of Team Rosters:

Division conveners retain the position of final arbiter.

Late Starting:

Play from the first tee will be delayed for only three minutes.  Late arrivals will be awarded net bogeys for holes missed (for handicap determination).  These scores will not figure in the match play.  The scores of late starters will not be used in bonus point determinations.

Slow Play:

Matches that are begun at the 3rd (or 12th) hole will be allowed to proceed directly to the first (or tenth) tee when they make the turn to complete the remaining two holes, but only if they complete play on the 9th (or 18th) hole before 7.00 pm.  After that time they will have to place a ball in the rack as though for a second nine, and take their turn with non-league members waiting to get on the course.

Blatant slow play will be met with penalties of up to 3 points.

Golf Rules / Etiquette Reminders:

Inclement Weather:

Unless otherwise notified by team captains, players should be ready to play at their designated times.  Matches should be played as scheduled, except where the weather conditions pose a hazard to the players (for example, lightning) or reasonable enjoyment is denied any of the players (by continuous heavy rain, for example) or play may cause unacceptable damage to the course (as determined by the Greens Chairman, or designate).

Postponement will usually be by mutual consent of the team captains or designates.  Such agreements should be made before the scheduled starting times, and should also specify the date and time for the rescheduled match(es).  Postponed matches should be played within one week. They must be completed before the next scheduled match.

In the interests of equity, where some matches are interrupted or postponed due to inclement weather, the following applies:

Once play has started the following rules apply: