Monday Men's Night (2017)

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Entry Fee: $8.00 per member / Non-Member - $2.00 to play Gross Skins (3 flights A, B and C)

Week Sponsor Date Tee Shotgun
A Flight B Flight C Flight Closest to Pin
1 Russ McDonnell
RBC Dominion Securities
May 1 Yellow 5:15 pm Cancelled
2 Mulligans Turn May 8 White 5:15 pm Cancelled
3 Thomas E.Roche
Law Office
May 15 White 5:15 pm Malcom James Don Morrison Bob Ray Jim Richard
4 Raby's Ultramar May 29 White 5:15 pm Jeremy Stewart Darron Becks John Lee ???
5 Whitewater
June 5 Yellow 5:15 pm Michael Giardini Shawn Kasaboski Kevin McCrimmon ???
6 Sante Fe June 12 White 5:15 pm Dave Hewitt Jerry Sims Stephen Welch #4 Peter Brotton
#7 Chris Knight
7 Deep River Outfitters June 19 Yellow 5:15 pm Martin Chisholm John Hosbons Dennis Hawley John Gale
8 Ok Tire Pembroke June 26 White 5:15 pm Toban Verdun Bert Fleury Ron Taylor Jeff Olfert
9 Mulligans Turn July 3 Yellow 5:15 pm Jim Hogue Peter Brotton Joe Rose #13 Ryan Joyce
#16 ???
10 Vertex
Glenn Doncaster
July 10 White 5:15 pm Terry Picard Shaun Holder Bob Drouin Eric Senohrabek
11 IPC Securities
Dan Nolan
July 17 Yellow 5:15 pm Toban Verdun Jerry Sims Bob Drouin Toban Verdun
12 Rouselle Brothers July 24 White 5:15 pm Cancelled
13 Boston Pizza
July 31 Yellow 5:15 pm Josh Carolan Tom Chisholm Bob Drouin ???
14 Rouselle Brothers Aug 7 Yellow 5:15 pm Martin Chisholm Ron Stresman Lindsay Meilleur John Hosbons
15 Jan's Valumart Aug 14 White 5:15 pm Jesse Wright Michael Giardini Len Wood Bert Fleury
16 Deep River
Giant Tiger
Aug 21 Yellow 5:15 pm Martin Chisholm Scott Miller Greg Joyce Francis Mattie
17 Whitewater
Aug 28 Tiger
5:15 pm Dan Walsh Darron Becks Lindsay Meilleur John Lee
18 Russ McDonnell
RBC Dominion Securities
Sept 11 Pee-Wee
4:45 pm Tom Roche Joe Rose Wally Zagrodny Eric Senohrabek
19 Drew Calver Golf Sept 18 White 4:15 pm Eric Senohrabek Morad Solaimani Stephen Welch #4 Todd Chaput
#7 Shaun Holder
20 Rouselle Brothers /
Green Staff
Sept 25 Yellow 4:15 pm Ryan Joyce Lindsay Meilleur Kevin McCrimmon #13 Josh Carolan
#16 Kevin McCrimmon




Men’s night takes place most Mondays throughout the golf season. The schedule can be viewed on the Deep River Golf Club website, including sponsors and results. The event is a 9-hole/net Stableford and shotgun started, which can accommodate a maximum of 72 golfers. Each event alternates between the white tees (front) and yellow tees (back) and two special events from the pee-wee tees and tiger tees. The field is normally split into 3 equal flights. The first place winner of each flight wins the main prize supplied by the sponsor. After handing out prizes for the winning player in each flight, other prizes purchased with a portion of the entry fee, are distributed by the Club Captain and Club Professional. Lunch specials are generally available in the clubhouse following your round.


The competition is opened to:

Players must pay entry fee to the Pro Shop before play and a certified RCGA Handicap Factor is required.

Member guest can play during the competition provided the Club Captain is notified well in advance and tee times are available. The guest must pay the current applicable green fee and is not eligible for any of the prizes.


All golf rules shall conform to RCGA Rules of Golf, except for preferred lies.

Preferred Lies

The Club Captain shall determine if preferred lies are allowed, during the day of the competition.

If a player’s ball lies on a closely mown area through the green of the hole being played the player may mark, lift and clean the ball without penalty. Before lifting, the player must mark the position of the ball. The player must then place the ball on a spot within 12 inches and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard or on a putting green. Alternatively, the ball may also be rolled with the head of the club that is intended to hit the next stroke to speed up.


The format is 9-hole/net Stableford. The field is normally split into 3 equal flights (A, B and C flight). The larger number will be in lower handicapped flight range.


Points are awarded based on par on each hole:

 Score Points
Net Double Eagle 5 points
Net Eagle 4 points
Net Birdie 3 points
Net Par 2 points
Net Bogey 1 point
Other no points


The player with the highest total net points is the first place winner in their own flight.


Ties in each flight (including 1st place) will be determined in the following order:

  1. Player with lowest handicap.
  2. Retrogression starting from the 9th hole.


The sponsor:

His guest can participate in the competition provided he as a certified RCGA Handicap Factor and pay the appropriate entry fee.

Entry Fee

The entry fee shall be collected by the Pro Shop staff within one hour of starting the event. Players may signup for the next men’s night following the presentations and before the Pro Shop closes. The entry fee is $7.00 for each player and entitles you to compete for sponsor prizes, other prizes and closest to pin competition. Five dollars of the seven is used to purchase other prizes. Closes to pin winner will receive $1 times the number of entries and the remainder is to purchase prizes for the final men’s night.

Effective Date

The policy is authorized by the Board of Directors and became effective on May 1, 2011.